Have a personal idea about wigs, but can't find a professional team to customize it for you?

Want to have an incredible hairstyle for a special occasion?

Looking for the wig that's best for you to wear,like your own natural hair?

We're always waiting for you!

We could customize most of the wigs by ourselves, you will be most welcome to tell us your need and your concerns. We have 200 long-term workers, with personal picks from our Wig Experts, who are licensed cosmetologists, professional hairstylists, and wig lovers.5 costly experienced wigs Designers who have been doing this kind of job for more than 15 years.we show you only the best to help you customize wigs and make the right choice.

Our Factory

We believe in creating premium products, providing unbeatable customer service, and transparency.

Step inside our factory and learn more about how and where our products are made.

Our Prices

As a wig manufacturer, we sell our wigs to customers directly and we never use the third-party sources,

so that we could pass a lot of savings to kalyss-wig customers directly.