How to Wear Wig

Preparing your hair is the first step to putting on a wig.

If you have mid-length to long hair, make flat pin curls out of sections of your hair.Keep them distributed evenly over your head so you won't have bumps or bulges.

If your hair is short, spray your hairline and brush back the straggling ends.

If you have little or no hair, use a wig liner to help your wig feel secure. In fact, wig liners can be used to hold all hair lengths.

Now you're ready to put on your wig.

(1) . Brush your own hair to be smooth

(2) .Tie your hair up to be a bun

(3). Put on a wig cap

With both hands, hold the wig by the nape where the label is. Tilt your head slightly forward. Position the front of the wig above your eyebrows ,push all of your hair into the cap and tie up the cap on like you would a bathing cap.

(4) . Place the wig on your head

Push the front of the wig back until it's slightly below your natural hairline. Center the wig by positioning the ear tabs in front of the ears, pull the adjustable straps to accommodate your head, buckle up the straps.

(5).When the wig feels comfortable, check for stray hairs. A quick style and you're ready to go.

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