Summer is here. And with that brings vacation plans, out of office messages, and...humidity. Luckily, there's a chic solution for that, and it's called braids. For a cute summer hairstyle that takes you from the office to happy hour or the gym to the beach, a cool braid will never let you down.

Keep reading to check out 10 most popular and unique braided hairstyles that run from pixie to shoulder-length.

1:Cornrow Box Braids   

Put aside your ordinary braids, box braids are trending now, since each part of the hair plaited is shaped like a box. When your stylist is done styling your hair, you will be looking beautiful. Most of the box braids are extended and thick, in a way that you can even let them hang freely. The box portions stand out on your head uniquely.


2: High Ponytails Braided 

You can rocked this next-level braided ponytail with cornrows in the front paired with a ponytail of medium-sized box braids. Your high ponytails braids set this look off.


3. stylish bun updo  

If you like to wear stylish braid patterns, then this next look is perfect. The hair on the head is braided into a wave pattern and then the hair is styled into a sky high braided bun. Patterns like this one are a great way to make your hair look more unique and you can have any design created that shows off your own individual style.


4. Double dutch braids   

Double Dutch braids are becoming more popular these days among teenage and adult girls.  Double Dutch braids give you a school makeover but to make it more elegant give it a little-twisted form. This hairstyle is not only perfect for teens and young girls also, if you want look stylish you can try these double dutch braids.


5.four dutch braid

Try this four partitioned dutch braid to grab the attention of many people. For this, you need to separate your hair into four different parts and start your dutch braids from top to the bottom.


6.Box Braids with Curly Ends  

Box Braids with Curly Ends. Curls look amazing on many hairstyles. Box braids blend so well with curls. No need to braid the ends, simply curl them.Box braids will make your dreams about extra long hair come true. Curl the lower half and you’ll have some really cool long box braids.


7.Box Braids with Cornrows 

Box Braids with Cornrows. Love cornrows and box braids? Great! You can merge them both into a lovely cornrow box braid style. You will have cornrows in front and box braids in back, perfect!


8. Faux Locs Braids  

A great style that is truly wonderful. These faux locs are long and gorgeous. If you are looking for a new style then this is the one for you.


9. half up half down bun and braid Curls Ends    

This partial updo is truly gorgeous. Her shiny faux locs are put into a bun as well as some is left down. it’s a gorgeous sty;e that you are sure to love.


10. Bomb Twist Braided          

Being a great choice for short hair, bob braids are fun, easy, and comfortable!This nostalgic style is great when you don't want to deal with the extra weight box braids brings, but gives you the same effect.

When you decide to get some braids in summer, your unique style and personality will always shine through your braids. So, dont hesitate to express your style.And you also choice kalyss wig. youll feel more confident and, definitely, more gorgeous.