Want to know the best braided hairstyles for black women?

African braids are absolutely mesmerizing. African women have been braiding their hair for centuries now. And no matter what style they choose,cornrows, Senegalese twists, or box, they never cease to stun.

According to some studies, braided hairstyles have been around for a long period of time. There are a lot of women who did them and even men because it was considered fashionable.

Are you already curious to know more about the braided hairstyles for black women? Remember that these braided hairstyles can be done on any black women.

1. Braided Bun

If black women wants to wear her hair up and make it look different from usual, this braided bun haircut is a good choice.

Having a braided bun that is similar to what ballerinas wear will make your happy. You can make it extra special by paying attention to the partings on the back portion of your hair.

This hairstyle is quite easy to maintain because the bun can stay put the whole time. This is the perfect hairstyle for black women to have when shes going to attend a party. you can select the kalyss  high bun braided wigs.

2. Buns with Braids

Who says that black women on the go can't wear braids. It does't matter whether you are going to attend a special meeting with your boss.

The most important thing is that you are going to have braids with the bun on your hair. Gone are the days when women with buns on their hair are thought to be boring and old-looking. As long as the buns is in the right style, it can be cool. Like the kalyss Lace Frontal Updo Twisted Cornrow Box Braids Wigs, it's so cool buns with Braids.


3. Ponytail and Braids

This is somewhat similar to the braided bun, this time the braided ponytail should be given attention.

There are some women who may avoid this hairstyle because they believe that this is too heavy. This will strongly depend on the texture and the thickness of your hair. The thicker your hair is, the heavier this hairstyle is going to be. To minimize the uneasiness you may experience, you may try the kalyss High Ponytails Braided. it's lightweight braiding hair.


4. Black Braids with Long Twists

If you would like to feel like you are a singer in a music video, this is the type of hairstyle that you should have. The moment that you saw the singer sporting this hairstyle, you wanted to get it too. When you find the right person who can do it, then push through with it. For sure, it will be worth it. In order to rock this look, please try the kalyss Twist Braided Wigs, It will definitely amazing.


5. Two Toned Twisted Braids

A lot of black women are fond of the twisted braids because they do look amazing on the hair. If you have been wearing this style for a long time and want to make some subtle changes, make your hair two-toned. You can choose to add some caramel highlights on some portions of your hair. It will make your hair loo better than ever. Now, you best choice is kalyss Two Toned Ombre Brown to Blonde Twisted Braids.


6.Cornrow Braids with Weave

Weaves are a simple way to make your hair longer, thicker and smoother. Once you have your weave sewn in, you can braid the hair into cornrows. One standout style to try is two French braid cornrows with the ends left loose. Not only does this style look beautiful and grab attention, but it’s also protective for your natural hair and works well in every season of the year. You can choose the kalyss Braided Wigs with Curly Wavy.


7. Goddess Cornrow Braids

Goddess braids are the cornrows and are also a protective style that can be left in for a few weeks. A gel is used to keep the raised plaits looking ultra-sleek. The traditional way to put in these cornrows is following straight lines from front to back. The finished effect is both feminine and powerful, which is why they’re called goddess braids! you can choose the kalyss Goddess Cornrow Braids with Baby Hair.

8. Four Cornrow Braids

Four cornrows are the traditional African take on this braided look. While you can braid your hair straight back at the same angle, a fresh take is only to braid the sides straight. The cornrows at the top of your head should be put in at an acute angle, so they meet up with the other braids. This cornrow style adds plenty of visual interest with its geometric elements. you can choose the kalyss four Ponytails Cornrow Braids Wigs.


Based on the braided hairstyles that are mentioned above, there are a lot of braided hairstyles that can be perfect for black women. Which among the braided hairstyles are you going to try first on your child? If you don't know which style is suitable for you, welcome contact kalyss team, we can help you choice the suitable braided hairstyles in kalyss.