As everyone knows, the hairstyle is very important for our life. More and more women begin to pay attention to their hairstyles on different occasions, such as workplace, sweet date.... In a recent study by statistics, 87% of men said that a womans hair is important when evaluating her overall appearance. But is your hairstyle sending the right signals to mens? What kind of hairstyles do mens love?

Now kalyss will give us the scoop on what different hairstyles say about the woman wearing them. and then let you get the best results in a sweet date.

1:Half Up Half Down Braided Bun

This casual but classy hairstyle is always a good idea for a date, especially if your hair is long, lush and naturally curly. You can make a bun of any size with the help of elastics, hairpins and firm-hold spray. That’s how you can show all the richness and beauty of your hair.

2:Big Bun

Speaking of buns, the most popular trend in updos is definitely the big bun. Fortunately, it’s work appropriate thanks to it’s sleek, no fuss style. This look is perfect for long or medium length hairstyles and doesn’t include the hassle of complicated styling. Pull hair into a ponytail, add a braid and then twist into a bun and finish off with hair spray.

3:Multiple Braids

One of the reasons we love braids so much is that there are just so many styles and patterns to try. This look, for example, combines two adorable pigtails with twin French braids which meet in the middle. This elegant do is intricate but easily done and guaranteed to stun your date.

4:Ombre Braided Ponytail

You might think that a loose and wavy ponytail is a bit too laid back for a romantic date. This relaxed up-do, however, is made all the more elegant thanks to the addition of a long French braid which is plaited right into the big, bouncy ponytail. The ombre mix of dark brown and caramel blonde makes this hairstyle even dreamier.

5:Middle Wavy Curly curls

Keep things simple with some defined, natural curls for your next date. The texture for itself, so why complicate things with an updo?

6:Long Wavy Curly curls

A headful of long, defined curls is basically all you need. Just make sure you apply a smoothing cream before blow drying with a diffuser to encourage a smooth, frizz-free finish!

7. Half Updo With Soft Waves

Most men prefer women with long hair. If you are in doubt, ask your boyfriend or your guy friends. Why? Simply because they find it very feminine, sexy, and attractive. Why do you think Barbie has long hair anyway? The half up-do with soft waves will definitely bring all the femininity and sexiness in you. Quick and easy to do, you surely won’t be late again for your next date!

8:“Heart”Braids Twist

What better hairstyle for Valentine’s Day than a romantic twist that’s literally heart-shaped? You can take this look out on your Valentine’s date night or wear it for “Galentine’s” Day brunch with your friends! All it takes is bobby pins, small elastic bands, and an optional hair ribbon for that extra touch of femininity. However you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this is a festive, sweet hairstyle that’s sure to catch everyone’s eye!

9:Cute Bob

If you’re a bob-girl and wear bangs, you can also create perfect and romantic date hairstyles, just like this one. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hair textures and highlights to look modern, fashionable and stylish.

10: Braided Headband

A little braid amid of naturally looking wavy hair looks perfectly effortless and charming. It’s the best dating hair solution if you want to open your face and show off the length, achieving a beautiful but rather “woke up like this” style.


Running low on time? Picking out a perfect date hairstyle doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can select the kalyss wigs and create stunning styles from breathtaking buns to flowing braids. Get inspired and find confidence in your sweet date style in a matter of minutes.